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How can you sponsor your family in Dubai?

If you are living in Dubai and want to sponsor your family, then you are already at the right place. Edmund Eastfield is a reliable platform. Our professionals can help you to get your hands on a family visa for UAE timely and in the most professional way.

Eligibility criteria for obtaining a family visa in UAE

There are certain terms and conditions that you must meet to get a family visa for UAE. Without meeting the country’s eligibility criteria, it is impossible to get your hands on a Dubai family visa. What are those terms and conditions? Let’s have a look.

Minimum Salary

  • If any emigrant wishes to sponsor his or her family in Dubai, he or she must have a minimum salary of AED 4000 per month or AED 3000 per month with accommodation.

Medical Fitness Test

All the family members who are above 18, must pass the medical fitness test including the test for HIV and Tuberculosis. This test will be taken at the government-approved health center in the UAE.

Whom can a male expatriate sponsor?

A male expatriate can sponsor:

  • Wife: If he is a Muslim resident in UAE, then he can even sponsor two wives after meeting the terms of GDRFA.
  • Daughters: Only if they are unmarried
  • Sons: If they are 18 or below. Sons above 18 to 21 years can also be sponsored if they are students
  • Stepchildren: For that, No objection certification is required from the other parent.
  • Parents: Male expatriates can also sponsor their parents, fulfilling the requirements.

Whom can a female expatriate sponsor?

A female expatriate can also sponsor her family, but the criterion is higher than that for the male which is as follows;

  • Husband: She can sponsor her husband.
  • Parents: She can sponsor her parents.
  • Children: She can sponsor her children but will need a NOC from the husband

Documents required for sponsoring family visa in Dubai

If you meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria you can sponsor your family visa for UAE. But there are certain family visa UAE requirements. We have listed them below for you. Have a look at them.

  • Online UAE visa application form or done through a registered typing office
  • The registered tenancy contract of the sponsor attested by Ejari (proof of accommodation)
  • Recent utility bill
  • The legalized marriage certificate
  • Medical clearance certificate of the family members (above 18 years) being sponsored
  • Attested salary certificate stating monthly salary of the sponsor.
  • Photocopy of the employment contract or company contract of the sponsor
  • Photocopy of the passports of the family members being sponsored
  • Passport-size pictures of the sponsored family members

If you possess the above-mentioned mandatory documents, then you can get your hands on a Dubai family visa.

You do not need to worry regarding the family visa UAE cost.
So, if you wish to sponsor a family visa for UAE, feel free to contact Edmund Eastfield.

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