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Edmund Eastfield UAE Newborn Baby Visa Information

Sponsor Your Newborn for the UAE Visa

Obtaining a child’s visa sounds easy, especially for newborn ones, but in the case of Dubai, the procedure is kind of a mission. A comprehensive procedure will be your fate unless you’ve got a trustworthy middleman who can protect your back. Edmund Eastfield can be your guardian in this regard. With the help of our professionals, getting your hands on a newborn baby visa UAE will be like a piece of cake.

Required documents for the newborn baby visa in UAE

Like other categories, you’d be required to have some mandatory documents to obtain a UAE residence visa for child. Scroll down to make yourself familiar with them:

  • 2 passport-sized colored photographs of the child.
  • 2 copies of your passport and ID.
  • Attested employment documents from the firm or an organization.
  • Attested salary certificate.
  • Copies of your residence visa.
  • Health insurance and birth certificate of the child.
  • Your international bank account number

If you possess these documents, then there is no need to worry concerning a newborn visa UAE.

Visa requirements for newborn baby in Dubai

In renowned countries like UAE, you’ve to meet some terms and conditions in order to obtain a newborn baby visa. Edmund Eastfield possesses the ability to make the procedure smooth for you, but you’ve to meet these conditions set up by the government. Here are the visa requirements for a newborn baby in Dubai:

  • If you want to get your hands on a baby visa, then you must have a residence visa for Dubai.
  • An insurance certificate is mandatory in this regard.
  • Your financial status should be suitable enough to accommodate a child, especially a newborn.
  • A child’s renewed identity card is mandatory.

If you’ve got the above-mentioned documents and certificates, then leave the rest to us.

Newborn baby visa renewal

If you’re sponsoring your baby for the newborn baby visa in Dubai, then you have to renew it after a while. The government of the UAE makes no compromise concerning the rules and regulations. If you want to avoid any inconvenience, timely actions will result in your favor. The government offers you the facility to renew the child’s visa within 30 days after expiry. The best thing is Edmund East Field can take care of it for you. With the help of our qualified experts, visa renewal for a child visa in Dubai will be like a piece of cake for you.

Edmund East Field – A reliable platform

Becoming a part of a top-notched country like the UAE is everyone’s dream, but we’ve to go through a comprehensive procedure to achieve this dream. Edmund East Field offers its patrons the opportunity to change this imagination into reality. Being around this industry for a long time, we know how to get the work done as timely as possible without any inconvenience. Our qualified staff, who are known as veterans of this field, will leave no chances behind to win our customers’ hearts. Now, if you’re determined to sponsor your newborn child, make your way towards us; the results will be satisfactory.

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        Speak to our experts regarding your residence and employment visa requirements.