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Types of UAE Residence Visa you must know

Types of UAE Residence Visa you must know

Are you considering relocating to the UAE but are unaware of how to obtain the UAE Residence Visa? As with any relocation to a new nation, you must first verify that the residency visa. You receive permits to achieve your objectives as there are various types of residency visas with different rules and regulations.

If you are planning to be part of the evolving economy, here’s a simple guide you must know before applying for a residency visa.


Why should you get a residency visa?

A UAE Residence Visa opens many options for overseas citizens. Here are a few reasons why you must consider getting a UAE residency visa.

  • Personal UAE bank account
  • Access to one of the best national healthcare
  • UAE driver’s license
  • Tax-free status


Types of UAE Residence Visa:

  1. Work Visa: Expats who are employed by a private or government organization are sponsored.
  2. Family Visa: Expats with residence visas in the UAE can sponsor the UAE Family Visa for their dependents, including spouses, children, and parents. After completing the visa process, male employees may bring their immediate family as long as they earn a minimum pay of 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED with accommodation.

On the other hand, women encounter more rigorous sponsorship conditions, and the procedures differ based on the Emirate. Women in Dubai must seek special approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GFDRA) and earn at least 10,000 AED per month; nevertheless, single moms can sponsor their child visa renewal Dubai.

  1. Student Visa: International students from around the globe are eligible to get a student visa when enrolled at an educational institution in the UAE.
  2. Investor Visa: For those individuals seeking to invest in a business or property in the UAE.


Rules and Regulations of Residence Visa:

People from all nations, with the exception of Emirati nationals and citizens of GCC countries. Will need a residence visa to live in the UAE. Unlike other nations, you can only apply for UAE Residence Visa within the Emirati territory. Hence, to initially enter the country, you need to get UAE to visit visa.

In the case of receiving a job offer during a visit to UAE, you can apply for a work visa by exiting the country or the company can process a “status change” procedure in order for you to remain in the country.

You can apply for a two-year residency visa. If you invest in a property in Dubai valued at more than one million dirhams. However, the investor residency visa does not allow you a work permit and one needs to visit UAE after every 6 months. Hence, spending more than 6 months outside the UAE may revoke the residency visa.

You don’t need to worry if you are considering starting a business in the UAE but don’t have employer sponsorship. Through the establishment of your company, you can obtain a work permit and then residency. Whether you want to incorporate in a free zone or on the UAE mainland, our professional team at Edmund Eastfield provides can assist you with UAE visa services.


Is the option of permanent residency available?

Depending on your situation, most residence visas are valid for one, two, or three years. The Gold Card category, on the other hand, provides a 10-year, automatic UAE visa renewal to investors in public-sector initiatives involving at least 10,000,000 AED, new company formation, or specialized abilities in medical, art, science, engineering, and other fields.

Aside from these long-term categories. Most individuals are eligible to apply for general UAE Residence Visa Renewal Services with the guidance of our professional team. also Edmund Eastfield to under Docman visa services in Dubai.

How to Get a UAE Family Visa – Edmund Eastfield

How to Get a UAE Family Visa - Edmund Eastfield

Man is constantly in pursuit of happiness. In our journey towards finding a greener pasture, we are often taken across seas, miles upon miles away from home to a foreign land that often later becomes home, our second home, and a place of residence. This is true about the greater population of the people currently domicile in the UAE, some over many years while others just about a few years. But whether you have come to settle in the UAE for decades or you just migrated and consider this beautiful land of a futuristic city as your second home acquiring and renewing a UAE Family Visa is paramount in your pursuit of happiness.


Your place of residence becomes home

Many residents of the UAE have lived in the emirates long enough to call it home. But what is a home without your family and household? The answer lies in the difficulty one might presume abounds in securing the necessary documentation needed to bring their immediate family over from their home country to the new home. edmundeastfield has the answer you would prefer; a hassle-free procedure at the best affordable prices. Your place of residence could become home if you are well acquainted with the requirements and go about procuring them in the most hassle-free manner. That is what edmundeastfield does for our customers; we make it easy to bring your home closer.


They can all come with a UAE Family Visa

You can literarily bring every member of your immediate family over to the UAE If you are on the UAE Residence Visa, among those you can bring with the Family Visa UAE include:

  • YOUR WIFE – It is interesting to know that for a Wife Visa UAE a Muslim resident who wishes can sponsor two wives if he meets certain terms set out by the GDRFA.
  • YOUR SONS – If they are 18 years old or under You can sponsor your sons. If however they are above the age limit but are students the law still permits sponsorship up to the age of 21 but must enter the UAE at least once every six months if studying abroad otherwise their UAE visa will be canceled
  • YOUR DAUGHTER – You can also sponsor your daughters but only if they are unmarried.
  • YOUR STEPCHILDREN – To sponsor your stepchildren you will require a written No Objection Certificate from the biological parent. The visa in this case is valid for one year and renewable
  • YOUR PARENTS – You can also sponsor Parents Visa UAE, provided you meet the following conditions:
  1.  I a Ready to sponsor both parents unless one of them has passed away
  2. Ready to pay a deposit as a guarantee for each parent
  3. You are prepared to get your parents a medical insurance policy
  4. You earn a monthly salary of AED 20,000 or AED 19,000 plus a two-bedroom accommodation.


All the documents you will need for sponsoring a UAE Family Visa

  • A UAE Visa Application Form (you can fill and submit online through or through a registered typing office).
  • Passport copies of the family member(s) being sponsored are essential.
  • Passport-size pictures of the family member(s) by the sponsor.
  • Medical clearance certificate for any family member who is over 18 years old from an authorized clinic.
  • The original and copy of legalized marriage certificate.
  • Proof of accommodation in UAE, such as the registered tenancy contract.
  • The latest utility bill.
  • Copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or the company contract.
  • Proof of the monthly salary the sponsor earns.


Won’t you rather have it the easy way?

People are often met with unforeseen difficulties and sudden disappointment in their noble quest to either procure a UAE Residence visa or while opting for a UAE visa renewal. At edmundeastfield, we are offering you peace of mind, it’s beyond what money can buy. Remember that within the 30 days grace period allowed by every resident by the UAE Government upon visa expiration the visa renewal becomes eminent as the residence visa has to be renewed before the end of that period to avoid incurring fines. Our team of seasoned staff will provide you with guidance as well as careful handling of all procedures, from start to finish, leaving you with nothing less than satisfaction.

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